Flying Myths Exposed

Every day, thousands of travelers board their plane and fly across cities and continents. Some fliers can be nervous, especially if it is their first time flying. While there are many scary myths out there, rest assured that these are false so you can enjoy your flight up amongst the clouds.

Turbulence cause plane crashes – This is a well-known myth, but it is only a myth. Planes are constructed to withstand issues such as turbulence which should be considered as just “bumps in the road.” Turbulence can cause the plane to lurch and drop which can be scary. However, a plane will not crash because of turbulence, so rest at ease.

Lightning strikes can cause damage – Lighting can be a terrifying element to fly into, but on average a plane gets struck by lightning once every few years. Planes are built to withstand lighting strikes including electrical components as well as the fuel tank. While it may be an event to remember, rest assured your plane, passengers, and crew will be fine.

Autopilot does everything – While autopilot does exist and is used on planes, actually pilots are still needed for safe operation of the aircraft. Pilots are needed during takeoff and landing, and autopilot is rarely used during these crucial times. It is used mainly for cruising, after reaching the proper altitude and if the weather is cooperating.

Nervous fliers can rest more comfortably knowing that turbulence alone will not cause a plane to crash, and that the planes are actually built to withstand lightning strikes. Have a safe and enjoyable flight!

The Top Things that Bother Flight Attendants Most

Flight attendants are privy to human contact throughout much of their work day, having to deal with irate, upset, and demanding people in a small and sometimes uncomfortable atmosphere. Here are some things that flight attendants wish they could tell people to stop owing to make a smoother and happier flight for all.

Taking up ALL the Space in the Overhead Bins – Smaller items such as a laptop or purse are able to fit under your seat, but many choose to take up all the precious space in the overhead bins instead. As the plane fills, the flight attendants then have to remove the items anyway and asked that they be stowed under the seat in order to make room for carryon luggage.

Ignoring the crew as the passenger’s board. A simple “hello” is polite and especially since the crew is usually standing at the front of the place greeting passengers as they board. Many passengers simply brush off the greeting an act as if the crew didn’t speak to them.

Ringing the call button when it is not necessary. Passengers can play with the call button, not realizing that the flight attendants have to respond every time someone pushes it. If you truly need a flight attendant then please use it, but avoid times like right after takeoff or after the announcement that flight attendants must be seated.

Basic manners and plane etiquette can go a long way on a flight. The crew is there to help you in anyway, but in return they would like some assistance from well-behaved passengers in order to make the flight enjoyable for everyone aboard.

The Famous “Hollywood” Sign Has Some Interesting Facts

One of the biggest tourist attractions in California is the infamous “Hollywood” sign set up in the California hills of Los Angeles.  Bus tours and tourists in their own vehicles flock by the thousands each year up the hills to get a picture with the iconic sign that has lasted for decades.  The Hollywood sign is a staple of Los Angeles as well as California, and is a must see attraction full of fun facts and history.

The Hollywood sign was originally installed in 1923, and actually stated the phrase “Hollywoodland.”  It was established in the hope to attract home buyers to the area.  Over the next several years, maintenance on the sign ceased, and eventually the “land” part of the phrase was removed due to too much damage resulting in “Hollywood.”  

The sign has also been featured in numerous films and movies throughout the years including the 2009 movie titled “The Lightning Thief.”  The sign has other stories tied to its existence like that of the actress known as Peg Entwistle and her demise.  Supposedly in 1932 a hiker found her body after she leapt off of the letter “H” after her dreams of becoming a movie star failed.  

On the sign’s 90th birthday which was celebrated in 2013, Sherwin-Williams scraped off all of the old paint and painted 255 gallons of “High Reflective White” on the sign to give it a new facelift.  The sign also has one of the best views of the city of L.A. and is a favorite tourist stop.

Celebrate October By Visiting These Haunted Places

Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama – A ruthless and feared foreman of the Sloss Furnaces is said to still haunt is former place of work. James “Slag” Wormwood was in charge when 47 crew members lost their lives during his oversight. After falling into a pool of melted iron ore, his ghost is said to have remained, along with strange and dangerous instances that continued after his death.

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas – This hotel has its own website due to the fame of its ghosts. It was once a hospital that is said to have participated in faulty medical practices leaving many patients in their final resting place within its walls. Ghost tours are offered and many sighting s have been reported by both staff and tour participants.

The Strater Hotel in Durango, Colorado – You know a place is haunted when each room comes with its very own “ghost diary” to record any sightings guests may see. Staff even refuse to work the top floors of the hotel alone, because they are constantly harassed by the ghosts that reside in the Strater.

The Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut – This 400-year-old cemetery has been explored by many, including paranormal investigators. The most famous apparition that has been spotted on numerous occasions by many different parties is the infamous “White Lady,” who appears to be wearing a white dress.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky – Featured on numerous television shows due to the sanatorium’s dark past and high levels of ghost activity, the now abandoned Waverly was home to supposedly thousands of people who died during its operation. It opened in 1910 and was used to help combat the tuberculosis epidemic.

Schedule Your Cheap Flight to Europe

If you have dreamed of flying to Europe, your dreams may have become a reality. Flights to Europe have dropped in price due to many factors, and thousands of travelers have purchased airfare for their dream trip to Europe. How long these inexpensive fares will remain inexpensive is anyone’s guess, but it won’t be forever.

Factors have spurred the drop of fares overseas, especially to Europe. Why? One major factor is that the price of oil has dropped. Several years ago when fuel was 4 dollars per gallon severely impacted travelers. Today, the price of the barrels of oil continues to drop, letting travelers have some breathing room as they are able to fuel their vehicles or purchase those cheaper fares overseas.

Another factor in lower priced air fares is that the U.S. dollar is strong. Currently, it is more expensive for Europeans to travel to the U.S. than for Americans to travel to Europe. Airlines are trying to fill the seats and the price drop has attracted many travelers as well as interest.

Foreign carriers have also increased their presence in the U.S. Airlie such as Norwegian Air have attracted a large and loyal following with their amazing fares. These carriers offer more options for traveling inexpensively to Europe. Americans had a limited pool of carriers to choose from before which resulted higher air fares. Now, with the arrival of others, fares have dropped in order to compete for business.

Ari fares to Europe are at their lowest, and travelers can use their rewards cards, and online research tools to find the best deals, score free baggage, and many other perks for your dream trip overseas.

Exciting News for Statue of Liberty

Plans for a new museum at the Statue of Liberty have been revealed. The museum should be completed in 2019, and will add a modern multimedia element to the statue. The museum will have gorgeous views of Manhattan. It will be located on the opposite point of the island from the current museum. It will have a grass covered roof where visitors can gaze out over the impressive city and skyline.

For the 4.3 million visitors who travel to see the statue each year, the news has been a delightful one. The new museum is said to portray liberty as it should be, and is also a “bridge that will help us finally come to peace with who we are.” New York officials who estimate that New York receives approximately 60 million visitors a year, hope that the museum will boost tourism to the island, the city, and the statue. A ferry boat can be taken from Manhattan to both Liberty and Ellis Islands, offering a chance to see all the attractions while staying or visiting the city.

The exciting new museum is being funded by some prominent figures such as the founder of Amazon; Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg who is a former New York mayor, and Diane von Furstenberg a designer and one of the founders of the project. Visitors can expect the multisensory museum to open in 2019, and expect large crowds to flock to Liberty Island to see the new, updated addition.

Hurricane Matthew Grounds Thousands of Flights

As the force of hurricane Matthew attacks the eastern coast of the United States, thousands of flights have been cancelled. Airports in Florida such as the Fort Lauderdale Airport and the Orlando Airport were said to have been shot down as the coast of Florida is taking the brunt of hurricane Matthew winds, rain, and flooding.

Thursday flights numbered close to 1500 that had been cancelled, many at the Miami airport and the Fort Lauderdale airport. Another 1300 were on track to be cancelled on Friday as the storm gained strength and continued its course. Although Florida has been the most impacted, flight cancellations will likely spread to Georgia and South Carolina. Airlines cancel flights to avoid trapping passengers in airports and to protect their planes as well. Many airlines are letting passengers delay their trip or change their plans without charging them a fee for changing their tickets.

Residents in Florida and along the coast are fleeing inland to avoid the clutches of hurricane Matthew. Passengers can expect airline as well as hotels further inland to be booked as they try to accommodate the mass influx of travelers. Caribbean airports are reported to have been closed, and cruise ships have been rerouted to avid inclement hurricane weather. Amtrak normally has stops in Savannah, Georgia and a few other southern states, but only went as far as Washington from the state of New York to avoid the bad weather as well. Travelers should check weather reports frequently and call their airlines to check the status or get other information.

Discover Cities of Culture in the U.S.

Traveling can open our eyes to new worlds beyond our own. Different cultures, people, foods, and more can be discovered by visiting new places. The U.S. has cities within its borders that can offer similar experiences. Cultures in different cities can vary greatly, offering new perspectives and things to enjoy. Try these U.S. cities for a remarkable experience you won’t soon forget.

Taos, New Mexico – Taos has amazing summer vibes as well as winter. A popular ski town in the winter draws thousands to its snowy slope, while the summer offers the opportunity to stroll along the streets that are lined with galleries. There are tons of art festival and the famous Solar Music Festival to attend as well. The surrounding desert and Sangre Cristo Mountains inspire many artists’ work and present a beautiful landscape.

San Francisco, California – San Francisco has more culture in one city than anyone could ever fathom. Visit the popular Chinatown and Japantown, or head to the national park to see the nature installations at The Presidio. There are art events, lectures to attend, and craft beer galore in this vibrant city.

Savannah, Georgia – As a southern staple of the U.S., Savannah is a historic city that offers diversity which is reflected in its large arts scene. Many flock to the city to see the remaining plantations and historic buildings with their spectacular architecture. For a taste of the old south and some of the best food you will ever eat, Savannah is your stop.

Flight Makes Emergency Landing

Southwest is a popular airline due to its no-charge policy on bags and no assigned seating. The flights are usually full, and on a flight from Columbus, Ohio to Denver, Colorado, a flight was forced to make an emergency landing.

The Southwest flight traveling from Columbus was forced to land at Chicago’s Midway International Airport due to reports of smoke in the cockpit. The pilot is the person who reported potential smoke in the cockpit and declared an emergency. The flight was diverted immediately and landed safely. An assessment of the situation stated that protocol was indeed followed and the pilot and crew did the correct plan of action. No injuries were reported from the incident. The crew and passengers continued on their flight after boarding a different aircraft.

The damaged aircraft will be out of service until a review has been completed by the Southwest maintenance teams to determine the cause of the smoke and any necessary repairs that need to be accomplished before the aircraft can be deemed safe to use and fly again.

Over the past several years southwest airlines has received several fines related to aircraft repair. Inspectors have written up aircraft that have been flying too long after receiving temporary repairs. Despite the issues and fines, Southwest airlines continues to be a popular airline for both business and leisure travel destinations.

Business Travel Tips and Tricks

For many, business travel can be stressful and demanding. Focusing on your work should be your main priority, not the complications of traveling. Try packing a carry on to eliminate the possibility of losing your luggage and try these tips and tricks for a more satisfying and stress free experience.

Pack what you think you want to take, and then start eliminating. People usually over pack, and eliminating your pile to at least half will help fit everything you need in that carryon bag. The reality is that you still probably won’t wear everything you have packed.

Pick out versatile pieces of clothing. Clothing that can be worn in more than one outfit or that can be layered are great items to take, and will eliminate the need to pack your entire wardrobe.

Pack specific colors. Packing dark colored clothing hide stains and grime that occur wither from your bag, an accident, or just in general during travel. Dark colored shirts, suits, bags, and other accessories will appear clean and fresh and will hide more wrinkles as well.

Invest in a luggage scale. A luggage scale will help you avoid those baggage fees and weight limits that specific airlines uphold. They are generally small, about the size of a corkscrew and can easily fit in your bag. Packing under the weight limit can allow you to purchase gifts or souvenirs from your destination.

Charge all your electronics. Travelers should charge everything the night before the departure date. Finding a charging port at the airport is also a good idea to fully charge your devices to enjoy on the plane or long journey.