Breathtaking Scenes to See in the Winter Snow

Winter is here and the holidays are rapidly approaching. Many areas of the world have a white blanket of snow as fall as ebbed and winter has taken hold. The white, crisp snow provides unreal and peaceful scenery that shouldn’t be missed. Here are some of the best snow scenes to take in while winter is here.

Sisimiut, Greenland – The banks surrounding the dark blue water are covered in heavy blankets of snow. From the snow emerges the brightly colored houses and buildings of Sisimiut, providing bright pops of color in an otherwise snowy, white world.

Upper Canada Village, Ontario, Canada – Travelers who journey to the Upper Canada Village will be greeted by amazing and festive holiday lights that decorate the church, homes, and even the trees. The scene appears as a Christmas village surrounded by a world of white snow, which will get any traveler into the holiday spirit.

Hallstatt, Austria – A stunning scene complete with a lakeside village and snow-topped roofs await the traveler in Hallstatt, Austria. The staggering mountain also proves and beautiful white backdrop for Hallstatt. Don’t forget your camera for this destination.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – This famous national park has pine trees, mountains, and tons of wild life that can be seen in its winter wonderland. The park also has geysers and hot springs where visitors can see the steam rising, creating a unique scene in the wilderness of this national park.

Take time to admire the winter world around you this year as well as the beauty of the cold, white world that has visited.

Its Christmas at Disney!

Disneyland is a popular destination for millions of people every year. The mild California winters provide tourists and visitors with year-round opportunities to plan and attend their magical vacation to Disneyland. One of the most popular times to visit is during the holiday season, as Disney spares no expense when it comes to Christmas decorations throughout the amusement park.

Guests to the park during the holiday season will be treated to impressive and festive decorations throughout the park. The town square in Disneyland has a beautiful Christmas tree that towers a whopping 60 feet in height and has over 1800 ornaments on its branches. The beautiful horses that pull the carriages throughout the main roads have their manes braided with festive red and green ribbons for the holidays. The Disney characters will be dressed in their holiday wear, and Sleeping Beauty’s castle is adorned with huge garlands and wreaths, complete with “Holiday Magic” fireworks over the castle at night. On the way to the castle, the popular statue of Walt and Mickey are surrounded by gorgeous holiday flowers such as poinsettias to embrace the holiday spirit that has descended upon Disney.

For those looking for Santa, he will be at Disneyland! Both children and parents can see Santa during “A Christmas Fantasy” parade, and in Critter County. The Jungle Cruise turns into the “Jingle Cruise, and even the Haunted Mansion has received a Christmas makeover complete with Santa hats, garland, wreaths, and Christmas décor.

Guests visiting the park during the holidays won’t be disappointed in the festive parades and lovely holiday décor that can be seen throughout the park.

Airport Travel Tips for to Get You Through the Crowds

People who travel year round may be airport travel experts, but there are those that only travel once or twice a year, and airports are stressful and time-consuming. Either way, there are some tips available to help people get through airports quickly as well as stress-free.

One of the best ways to save time and your sanity is to sign up for TSA PreCheck. TSA PreCheck allows travelers to keep their laptops in their bags, their light jackets on, and their liquids stowed. This line is usually much quicker and shorter than the basic TSA general security lines.

Going paperless will also help the traveler with juggling personal items, papers, and electronics. Guests can check in ahead of time online or via smartphone. Travelers can bring up their electronic pass on their phone to board the plane. Going paperless helps save time by not having to wait in check in lines or print out passes.

Another electronic feature useful to many people is downloading their airline’s app. Many airlines such as American, Delta, and Southwest all have their own apps with updated flight information, delays, and gate changes. This helps keeps travelers informed and on time, rather than running to the screens to see when and where their flight is.

There are many tips and tricks available to help both seasoned and new travelers this holiday season. Allow extra time to get through security and find parking as the airports traffic picks up during this time of the year.

The Best Places to Visit in 2017

With 2017 on the horizon, many travel magazines and websites have revealed the “must visit” places of 2017. Keep these amazing destinations in mind when planning a vacation in the next year because you won’t want to miss them.

Canada – Banff National Park has been raved about for years, and its beauty is something many people must see to believe. Lakes that look like glass and that reflect the green pines trees, towering mountains, and clouds above create a scene that many could never have though to exist.

Chile – Remarkable scenery in Patagonia makes this location perfect for travelers. Snow covered mountains with glaciers in the lakes and greenery along the hills provide stark contrast and beauty. There are resorts as well as restaurants not too far off, but the location is rather remote.

Peru – Peru is most recognized for the fabulous Machu Picchu, but there are many other destinations in Peru to see while you’re there. The sand dunes of Huacachina, the Peruvian Amazon, the Inca ruins of Sacsayhuaman and many other attractions await the traveler.

South Africa – The popular Cape Town is still a tourist hotspot, and many flock to the area for wilderness and wildlife tours and exciting things to do and see in the city itself. Try a tour of the city, visit a market, and enjoy the atmosphere of popular South Africa and of Cape Town.

While these locations top the places to visit in 2017, there are many others that travelers are raving about such as South Korea, Switzerland, and Portugal.

Airport Wins America’s Best Bathroom

The 15ht annual America’s Best Restroom Contest has revealed this year’s winner. Sparkling clean restrooms with attractive designs and high-tech features can be found in the winning restroom located in none other than the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. The airport has several restrooms that have been recently updated, and have attracted the attention of Cintas, a company that cleans and stocks restrooms and who are the judges of this year’s contest.

The completed restrooms are part of a grand scheme to complete a terminal-wide restroom renovation that will continue through the year 2025 and will update more than 100 public restrooms at the airport.

New features of the completed restrooms include out-swinging doors, areas designated for rolling luggage, baby-changing stations complete with sinks and towel dispensers, touchless soap dispensers as well as faucets, and trough sinks that help reduce splashing to keep the restroom efficient as well as clean. Upon entering the restroom, travelers will be greeted by mosaic art created by regional artists and all with a Minnesota theme. The new restrooms also have “zones” where travel companions can wait, as well as flight information, AEDs, art displays, and water bottle filling stations.

The award-winning restroom is not the first in an airport to take the honor. In 2013, the Tampa International Airport’s newly renovated restrooms also made the finalist list. The restrooms had lovely floral artwork, new lighting, and were kept spotlessly clean. Other airports have jumped on board with restroom updates and renovations, and many are calling Minnesota-St. Paul Airport to see how and what they are doing to their restrooms.

Experts Say to Travel on These Days During the Year

With the winter months and the holidays approaching, travel has once again picked up. Winter flights have their own difficulties as the norther states in the U.S. can often see delayed flights or even cancelled flights due to inclement weather. Thanksgiving brings the busiest time of the year to travel, and an estimated 27 million passengers flew this year. The holidays however, bring a surprising feat, and experts have weighed in on the surprise.

Travel experts have revealed that one of the best times of the year to travel is the quiet few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Studies show that travel movement slows during these few weeks, making it a great time to travel, get in a mini-vacation, or go see friends or family.

Both air traffic as well as road traffic simmer down after the Thanksgiving holiday. Travelers can expect to see some amazing discounts on airfare during this quiet time, as airlines are taking advantage of one of the busiest times of the year and encouraging holiday travel throughout the entire season. Look for deals on Caribbean and European travel destinations as well during this time. Hotels are also offering discounts and deals during these few weeks.

Are you looking for one more vacation in 2016? The few weeks following the Thanksgiving holiday may be the perfect time to book your trip. Watch for cheaper airfares, excellent hotel deals and many other offers and savings being advertised. You may just stumble across a trip not worth missing.

Take an Adventure and Try Out an Amazing Ice Hotel

Have you ever stayed in an ice hotel? An ice hotel is usually a temporary structure made of ice and snow and usually has to be rebuilt every year. Some hotels have taken the liberty of using glass or materials that last in order to provide an amazing outdoor experience. Try one of these ice hotels for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Igloo Village Kakslauttanen – Located in beautiful Finland, the Igloo Village offers choices of either a glass or snow igloo to stay in. The glass igloos have transparent walls, proving incredible views of the stars and of the northern lights.

Hotel of Ice – Found in Romania, the Hotel of Ice has some rooms called the “sub-zero” rooms as well as private igloos. See tables, chairs, sitting areas, and entire rooms carved from snow and ice. The hotel also has a park where there are snowball fights, ice skating, and snowman-building competitions.

IceHotel – Located in Sweden, the IceHotel is one of the best known sub-zero locations in the world. A journey into the amazing IceHotel is something you have to see to believe. Ice hallways, pillars, and chandeliers are created from the frozen water of the Torne River. Even the food at the hotel’s restaurants is served on “ice” plates to its guests.

Ice hotels can be found all over the world and offer a stunning experience. Try other famous hotels like the Snowcastle of Kemi, the Hotel de Glace, or the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel for amazing ice architecture.

Try These Money Saving Tips for Travel

Traveling doesn’t have to break the bank. Whether its visiting your dream destination of traveling to see family or attend a friend’s wedding, travel can be done within a budget, you just have to know how to do it and what to look for. Try these travel hacks to help save money on your next vacation.

Sign up for airline emails and deals. Many airlines have deals and news updates they send out, and there are major sites dedicated to finding the best and current airfares available. One airline recently had a 45 dollar flight to Denver, so incredible discounts can be offered.

Tuesday nights and Wednesday mornings used to be the optimal time to purchase some of the best fares. A shift in consumer buying has changed the dynamic, and now studies show that the best time to book a flight is on the weekend. Keep this in mind when looking for great deals.

Another tip when traveling is to book multiple modes of transportation. Often time’s travelers can fly into an airport near to the area, and then take a bus or train on to your final destination for extreme savings.

Try out Costco for car rentals. Costco isn’t just a grocery store; it is a major chain that offers car rentals as well. Costco offers great discounts on their car rentals and all reservations are fully refundable. An additional driver can be added for free, making this a great place to book a car over popular agencies like Avis and Budget.

Holiday Travel Season Rapidly Approaches

Airports and airlines across the country are preparing for what could be a record-setting travel season this year. October is coming to a close, making way for Thanksgiving holidays and traveling during the busiest time of the year. Lower fuel prices have spurred on the travel frenzy, ending a productive summer and promising a busy future in the travel industry. This upcoming holiday season could be one of the busiest yet, and passengers should be aware of security lines, airport waits, and parking issues before they embark.

Passengers should know the rules for liquids in their carryon luggage and other associated rules about what you can and cannot bring on your flight. Carrying more than the allotted 3.4 ounces of liquid will stall the line as security has to take the items or have you rid of them. Passengers that only travel during the holiday season and not any other time during the year are the likely candidates for line hold ups and delays. Know the rules of the airline you are flying with to ensure a speedier process.

Airports are expecting record-breaking number this year and have some tricks up their sleeves to prepare for them. Extra staff will be seen milling about, hoping to provide customer service, answer questions, and even have more security lanes operating to keep the flow of travelers steady and consistent. The suggested time for airport arrival is at least three hours prior to your departure time to allow for security lines and busy airport traffic.

Steps to Take if the Airline has Lost Your Luggage

It has happened to the best of us. You finally arrive at your destination, excited to begin our vacation, see love ones, or discover a new place and your luggage never appears. Not all trips can be done with a carry-on, sometimes bigger suitcases are needed and that have to be checked luggage. If your bag doesn’t appear, try these steps for finding your bags.

Report your missing bags immediately – Some airlines have strict timeline requirements on when to report missing luggage in order to be compensated for any purchases you needed to make without your luggage. Use the numbers on the baggage claim stubs and report missing bags right away.

Get a refund – Most airline carriers charge fees for checked baggage. If your bag was supposed to arrive with you on your flight and it did not, you may want to call the airline as ask for a refund, especially if your bag was never found or was severely delayed. If you used a credit card to purchase baggage fees for you luggage, then you might want to check if the credit card company will reimburse you as well.

File a claim – If the airline cannot unfortunately find your bag and it is deemed lost forever, you should file a claim. Having a list of items that were in your bag can come in very handy, as some airlines will pay for them at a depreciated price, not the full price. Speaking with an airline representative about your lost luggage will help them determine what price will be paid for your misplaced bags.