What Your Airline Should Do if Your Flight is Cancelled

Flights have been delayed all throughout the east coast in the last week because of Hurricane Hermine. Weeks before Hermine, some flights were cancelled due to a system break with one of the airlines. Many people think that airlines should set you up with a new flight so you can get to your destination on time. However, what are airlines actually obligated to do when your flight gets cancelled?

Typically, airlines usually give refunds instead of booking you on another flight on another airline’s plane. Many passengers do not understand why they wouldn’t just book them on another flight. It’s traditional practice for airlines to either refund money or have passengers wait for the next available flight with that airline.

People are calling for airlines to accept each other’s tickets when something like cancelled flights or system breakdowns happen. Many people say it’s unreasonable for passengers to reorganize their schedules, their plans and their lives so they can adhere to the airlines time frame because of a failure or cancellation in their system.

Some people are angry about the double standard that is associated with this. Airlines can change their schedules, cancel flights and have system breakdowns and all they have to do is give a refund. However, if a passenger cancels or changes a flight, they have to pay fees and pay the differences in fares and often loose the money they spent on the original flight.

How Planes are Named

Even if you don’t think so, the airplane you’re sitting on actually has a name. There are many possibilities for how the plane got their name. Whether it’s a star, a saint, where it was made, or even a funny joke, there’s a reason why it’s named what it is.

In Hawaiian culture, naming people, places and things is a very important thing. They say it gives the object, person, or place a spirit. Hawaiian Airlines has been naming their planes after stars, birds, flowers and even a sumo wrestler over the years. The latest planes, their A330s, were named after constellations that the Polynesian sailors used.

Israel’s national airline El Al says that the names they name their planes help represent what the country and the company is. El Al is woven into the country o Israel, so they name their planes after the cities within Israel. So far they have Jerusalem, Sderot, and Rehovot. Every time they name a new plane, there is a ceremony that takes place.

Virgin America doesn’t take such a serious approach. Some of the funnier plane names they have are An Airplane Named Desire, My Other Ride is a Spaceship, and Spruce Moose. Sometimes they ask celebrities or other famous people to name the planes as well. Airlines even hold contests to have customers help name their planes.

Delta Tries to End Lost Luggage

Delta Airlines has begun investing $50 million to help end lost and delayed luggage. The new technology that is being implemented can help get rid of headaches for passengers and employees.

As a suitcase is being loaded, it goes onto a conveyor belt, as it travels up, a computer makes sure that the suitcase is supposed to be on the plane. If it is, it continues up the belt and into the plane. If it doesn’t, a red light flashes and the belt stops making an employee come and check on the luggage and get it to the right place.

In 2015 Delta checked over 120 million suitcases, each costing $25 each way to do so. $25 is a significant enough amount for fliers to really hope that their suitcase is waiting for them when they get off the plane. Delta is one of the best in the industry about not losing passengers bag. Only 1 out of every 500 bags have been lost by Delta Airlines.

If this new technology and system works for Delta Airlines, it’s possible that other airlines will pick up the technology as well. It’s possible that bag tags will be replaced with RFID readers to help prevent lost bags as well. Airlines today use barcodes to scan in suitcases and each suitcase has a unique number attached to it.

Sometimes, with the barcodes, bags get missed or forget to be scanned. Employees could even miss an error message that pops up once it is scanned. This new technology can help eliminate that.

Hermine Hurts Cruise Travel

All throughout Labor Day weekend Hermine rained on everybody’s parade up and down the east coast. While it has gotten weaker since Friday, Hermine is still causing trouble in the Northeast. Heavy winds and rain then headed towards Long Island on Tuesday September 6th.

From Long Island it will continue to go north into New England. Hermine is no longer a hurricane, but has been downgraded to a tropical storm. The storm caused beach erosion, flooding on the coast, and the seas were really rough. It eventually went back out to sea after Wednesday and through Thursday.

Experts warned locals and travelers not to go to the beach during this time because of the dangerous conditions happened at that time. The surf was heavy and it was very dangerous to swim in. Large amounts of rain were rained on Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York.

Anthem of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship had to sail around the tropical storm Hermine and had to deal with huge waves from the storm. The Anthem of the Seas was traveling from New Jersey to Bermuda on Sunday September 4th. The ship had to endure winds over 100 miles per hour and the ocean was swelling up to 50 feet.

Smaller ships should take precaution and get off of the water as best of their ability to reduce the impact from this storm. By the end of the week of Labor Day, the storm should be away from the United States.

Travel Tips You Need to Listen to but You Probably Don’t

There’s a ton of safety tips out there from flight attendants, pilots, and the government, however, it’s important to follow these tips. Even though they probably make sense to you, they most likely just slip your mind when you’re traveling the next time. Here are some tips that you should try following the next time you’re traveling.

  1. Give a friend your itinerary. We’ve all heard this before. However, many people still don’t do this. If you don’t come back on time, they know where to start looking. This is easier than trying to piece together what you were doing by your social media profiles. If you have parents or friends who worry about you when you’re traveling, this is a good way to ease their minds.
  2. Copy your passport. This is a good practice to have. Copy your passport in case that it goes lost or stolen while you’re over seas. It takes about 10 seconds to do, but it can save you a lot of time, stress, and money if you do misplace it.
  3. Keep your phone away. When you’re traveling in a place you’ve never been before, try and keep your phone away. Having your phone in your hand, or visibly in your bag, makes you a target for thieves. They will run right up to you, snatch your phone and run away before you can even think about it.

Back to School Safety Tips

School is back in session and that means the traffic patterns around town are going to be a little different, especially for students and families with children, but also those who don’t have someone close who is going back to school. The first few weeks are the most challenging. Everyone is trying to figure out their new routine and what the traffic is going to be like. It seems like every year the schools have new systems in place that everyone has to adhere to.

Experts say that if you can walk your students into school, you should. If you can’t, get them to walk with a group of other students to give a little bit of accountability. Every day in the United States there are 60 kids who get hit by cars. This is significantly decreased when children walk in groups or with their parents.

When you’re planning to drop your child off at the bus stop, make sure you get there early. While usually the bus is on time or a few minutes late, the first week or so they’re still trying to get use to the schedule as well. Make sure to talk with your children about safety while walking. Having a conversation with them about putting their phones down, looking both ways, paying attention to the crossing guards, and making eye contact with the driver behind a wheel when crossing can significantly decrease accidents.

As always, wear a helmet when riding the bike. Make sure to pay attention to drivers as they often aren’t paying close enough attention to bikers.

Myths about Hostels

Hostels are a great place for students, young adults and others on a budget to stay on budget while they’re traveling. However, a lot of people have some misconceptions about hostels. Many people are choosing hotels over hostels when traveling. Here are some of the things you probably think about hostels but are simply are not true.

  1. Hostels don’t offer a lot with their accommodations. Originally, this was true. However, today you will find free Wi-Fi, breakfast, activities, tours, kitchen, board games and books and a lot other things that come for free or low cost. It’s even possible to find hostels that have restaurants, bars, clubs, pools, and movie rooms right on the site! Some hostels even clean and do linen service daily.
  2. The only people that stay in hostels are people who want to save money. Hostels have been the go-to for many travelers for decades. You used to just find hostels in Europe, however, you’re finding them more and more around the world. People who stay in hostels are able to stay where they are traveling longer due to the low cost of hostel accommodations.
  3. Hostels are just young college kids and young adults. When you think of hostels you think of youngsters traveling with their friends and needing a cheap place to stay. Now days, all of the hostels are open to anyone who wants to stay there. Prices can range from $18 to $145 depending on what kind of room you want to stay in. It’s great for families, single travelers, couples and anyone who wants a new experience!

Things You Didn’t Know About the Olympics

This year’s 2016 Olympics in Rio have been making history. Everyone is watching history being made with metals being won and all of the scandals that are happening down in Rio. Here are some things you didn’t know about the Olympics.

  1. The 100-meter hurdles were not introduced to the Olympics until the Munich games in 1972.
  2. The high beams that the female gymnasts perform on are the same width of the typical bricks on houses. Yes, they are really performing back flips on something that is as wide as a brick!
  3. In the Rowing section, they actually cannot see the end of the race. They have their backs facing the finish line. This is the only Olympic sport to do this.
  4. If there is ever a tie in weightlifting, they weigh the lifters. Who ever is the lighter lifter, wins.
  5. Hossein Rezazadeh from Iran was the heaviest Olympic lifer ever. He lifted 581 pounds in 2004.
  6. A Hepthathlon is a sport that has seven events. It includes the 100-meter hurdles, the 200-meter dash, the 800-meter run, high jump, long lump, shot put, and the javelin.
  7. The perfect 10 score was taken away in 2006 and now it’s an open-ended score to help reward the most difficult and skilled gymnastic routines.
  8. In the 2012 London games there were about 2,400 soccer balls used during the soccer games.
  9. Osamu Watanabe from Tokyo won 186 consecutive matches in wrestling in the 1964 games. He won gold and finished off his career as undefeated champion.

Earthquake Devastates Central Italy

Early morning on Wednesday August 24th a 6.2 magnitude earthquake devastated central Italy. Rescuers searched for many, many hours to find survivors. Here are some known facts so far. At the writing of this article, 63 people have died. Remote towns have been hit and rescuers are still trying to work through and find survivors.

Amatrice was the town in the epicenter of this earthquake and is no longer standing, the mayor says. They were just getting ready to start their 50th annual festival honoring their all’amatriciana pasta sauce. Now, the festival is cancelled. Witnesses say they woke up from the shaking of their beds. It’s important to remember that the first 72 hours after the earthquake are the most important. This is typically how long people who are trapped can survive. Rescuers are struggling to get rescue vehicles to help people.

Many historic buildings have crumbled. Bulldozers, jacks and metal saws are needed to try and get people out from under these buildings. However, because of the devastation, it’s difficult to get that equipment in there to help. If you’re near central Italy and you want to assist, they’re taking blood donations for the victims of this natural disaster.

One positive force at the moment is that the weather is clear and cooperating. For those who are still trapped they don’t need immediate shelter because it is clear and the temperatures are reasonable.

Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Travel to South Florida Experts Say

Recently five new confirmed cases of the Zika virus were found in Miami, Florida. The federal health officials of Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has advised women who are pregnant or going to be pregnant and their partners to avoid the area of Miami-Dade Country.

Of the five new Zika cases three were tourists who were visiting Florida from New York, Texas, and Taiwan. Two cases were from the area. The CDC says that it is possible to get the Zika virus from other areas of Southern Florida, however, it might just not be apparent yet.

The CDC has updated their website regarding the Zika virus. Pregnant women and their partners should not travel to these areas. They should be following procedures to prevent mosquito bites. People who live in, around or travel to these areas should use a condom or other barriers to protect themselves when having intercourse. People who have traveled to the area should get tested. Pregnant women who live in or travel to the area often should be tested during the first and second trimesters of their pregnancy.

The CDC has also added the Cayman Islands to the list of places that have been infected by the Zika virus. The CDC has been made area of infections by mosquitos in the area infecting people. If you have traveled to any area on the list and feel sick, please contact your doctor. Be aware of the symptoms to prevent further infection.