Holiday Travel Season Rapidly Approaches

Airports and airlines across the country are preparing for what could be a record-setting travel season this year. October is coming to a close, making way for Thanksgiving holidays and traveling during the busiest time of the year. Lower fuel prices have spurred on the travel frenzy, ending a productive summer and promising a busy future in the travel industry. This upcoming holiday season could be one of the busiest yet, and passengers should be aware of security lines, airport waits, and parking issues before they embark.

Passengers should know the rules for liquids in their carryon luggage and other associated rules about what you can and cannot bring on your flight. Carrying more than the allotted 3.4 ounces of liquid will stall the line as security has to take the items or have you rid of them. Passengers that only travel during the holiday season and not any other time during the year are the likely candidates for line hold ups and delays. Know the rules of the airline you are flying with to ensure a speedier process.

Airports are expecting record-breaking number this year and have some tricks up their sleeves to prepare for them. Extra staff will be seen milling about, hoping to provide customer service, answer questions, and even have more security lanes operating to keep the flow of travelers steady and consistent. The suggested time for airport arrival is at least three hours prior to your departure time to allow for security lines and busy airport traffic.

Steps to Take if the Airline has Lost Your Luggage

It has happened to the best of us. You finally arrive at your destination, excited to begin our vacation, see love ones, or discover a new place and your luggage never appears. Not all trips can be done with a carry-on, sometimes bigger suitcases are needed and that have to be checked luggage. If your bag doesn’t appear, try these steps for finding your bags.

Report your missing bags immediately – Some airlines have strict timeline requirements on when to report missing luggage in order to be compensated for any purchases you needed to make without your luggage. Use the numbers on the baggage claim stubs and report missing bags right away.

Get a refund – Most airline carriers charge fees for checked baggage. If your bag was supposed to arrive with you on your flight and it did not, you may want to call the airline as ask for a refund, especially if your bag was never found or was severely delayed. If you used a credit card to purchase baggage fees for you luggage, then you might want to check if the credit card company will reimburse you as well.

File a claim – If the airline cannot unfortunately find your bag and it is deemed lost forever, you should file a claim. Having a list of items that were in your bag can come in very handy, as some airlines will pay for them at a depreciated price, not the full price. Speaking with an airline representative about your lost luggage will help them determine what price will be paid for your misplaced bags.


Interesting Facts of the Amazing Empire State Building

The Empire State building is an iconic symbol of the famous New York City. People who visit the massive city often times mark the Empire state building down as a “must see” during their visit. The impressive building was the tallest skyscraper in the world for over 40 years. Millions of people each year visit this famous building, and its popular, colorful lights are still talked about today.

The construction of the building was extremely fast, with workers completing approximately four floors per week. Along with that type of speed came some incidents. Only five people out of 3,000 were rumored to have perished in the construction of this massive building. There have been several suicide attempts, some of which were successful.

The Empire State building has been surpassed as the tallest building, but it is an impressive 1,250 feet tall. Later, an antenna tower was added to the Empire, bringing the height to a staggering 1454 feet. The building is so large that it has its own zip code too. It has 102 stories with floors 86 and 102 open to the public for some fantastic observation areas that millions flock to see every year.

With such an impressive architectural feat accomplished, the [rice at which it was constructed was also shocking. The building cost approximately 41 million to build during the Great Depression, which equates to about 670 million in today’s dollars. Today, the building is used primarily for office space and observation deck viewing.


The Most Dangerous Places for Travelers

Conflict is unavoidable throughout the world. Governments collide, there is disease outbreaks or there is fighting amongst people. There are several places that travelers should be aware of when making their travel plans. These places have been deemed dangerous and require caution and a higher level of security precautions that need to be taken.

Mali – Attacks throughout the country remain high, making Mali a top contender for travelers to avoid travel to. The country has active and violent extremist groups that target foreigners specifically. There are several recent cases of attacks, and the website warns travelers to reconsider their plans about visiting the area.

Chad – U.S. citizens are warned to avoid all travel to Chad due to terrorist activity throughout the region. Any citizens that are there or plan to visit are encouraged to have evacuation plans ready and that do not solely rely on the U.S. government and its assistance. Kidnapping for ransom, suicide attacks, and minefields are potential hazards in the area and all travel should be avoided to Chad.

Central African Republic – Otherwise known as the CAR, this region tops the list and all travel to the CAR is encouraged to be cancelled and avoided until further notice. The area is stated to have unpredictable security issues, armed group violence, and violent crime in the region. The overthrow of the government in 2013 has led to political unrest and has caused fragile borders and instability in the area. Travelers should avoid visiting the CAR until further notice.

Explore the Best of the Island Pirate Havens

Although there are some modern day pirates, they have mostly dwindled in numbers. Technology, patrolling of the waters combined with firm disciplinary actions against modern day pirates has made them all but extinct. However, back in the 1700s pirates ran rampant, and had their favorite islands stops throughout the waters that they terrorized. See these islands and hear about their pirate history.

The infamous pirate called “Blackbeard,” also known as Edward Teach is one of the most recognized pirates of all time. Legend has it, that he had hidden treasure on Cayman Brac, one of the Cayman Islands in a remote cave. Every November Cayman Brac has a pirate festival in which thousands flock to experience and to celebrate the islands pirate history.

In the 17th century, a small island known today as Roatan was the stopping point for thousands of pirates. The island has many coves which were used for skulking point for the many pirates. The island is found 50 miles from Honduras, with sparkling turquoise waters and white sand beaches.

Aruba was also a popular island due to its many hidden coves where pirates would wait and attack the Spanish ships. Cruises are offered today to see the coves and the best of the island where pirates once roamed freely before they were offered pardons.

Many more islands have a pirate legacy attached to their names. Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Kitts and Nevis, and Tortuga were all inhabited by pirates who sailed the seas during the 17th century.

Pilot Arrested for Intoxication

Rapid City, South Dakota – A pilot scheduled to fly a Delta connection flight out of the Rapid City Regional Airport was arrested on Wednesday according to the Rapid City police department. The pilot was employed by SkyWest Airlines and was reported to have smelled like alcohol on Wednesday morning. The Rapid City police were notified, and they arrived to arrest the 38 year old pilot for “operation of an aircraft while intoxicated.”

According to the Rapid City police, a pilot is deemed “intoxicated” when the blood alcohol level is above .04. The pilot was arrested because their blood alcohol level was at or beyond the .04.

A spokesperson for SkyWest reiterated how important their passengers and safety are to the airline. The pilot in question has since been removed from any duties while the investigation continues. The flight did continue, but was delayed due to the issue of scheduling a different pilot. The airline continued to state that they are fully cooperating with the Rapid City police in the matter, and that the pilot has been placed on administrative leave until further notice.

Further investigation will reveal the pilot’s intentions and course of actions during the time they were intoxicated and termination is a possibility. SkyWest takes pride in the security of their passengers and the recently arrested pilot was an example of how serious the airline takes safety. They have released an official apology to the passengers of the delayed flights because of one of their crew members. SkyWest and the Rapid City police are currently working together to resolve the issue.


The Popularity of Zion Affects its Resources

Studies are showing that the popular national park known as Zion may be facing seem damaged resource issues. The park has grown immensely in popularity over the last few years and is expected to jump this year to 4 million visitors annually from the 3.66 million recorded in 2015. The park has many popular and national known hikes and landmarks such as the famous Angels Landing, Zion Canyon, the Narrows, and the Zion-Carmel Highway. These well-known sights and landmarks are receiving heavy visitation, and the mass influx of people are leaving signs of wear and tear on these precious sites.

With the visitor numbers breaking records due to several days of free admission because of the national park centennial, many parks have seen damage done. A recent occurrence of a graffiti artist defacing a treasured, ancient rock in Death Valley national park among several others have led to discussion about protecting these national treasure. Talks are in the works about Zion considering limiting the number of tourists in order to prevent vandalism, erosions from foot traffic, and other wearing down of resources due to high visitation. The park is aiming for a resolution in the year 2018 of ow to correct overcrowding, stop further erosion, and make the park safer and the experience overall better for visitors.

Data released from this past centennial year revealed that over 300 million people visited national parks this past year. There is no sign of visitation slowing anytime soon, and 2017 looks to be a record breaking year for visitation in America’s national park system.



Airline Transports Horses and Humans

Airlines aren’t just for human use anymore. The airline company known as the Tex Sutton Forwarding Company transports beloved and prized equines about the U.S. It is the only designated U.S. based company to complete trips for horses. FedEx, UPS, and other commercial airlines do ship horses and other animals, but Tex Sutton remains as the only U.S. based company. It began in the late 1960’s and was used to shuttle Kentucky Derby and other high-profile equines about the U.S. Expect to pay approximately 5000 for a ticket to get your horse transported using Tex Sutton, and that is only for a one-way trip!

Horses that need transporting in-between trailers to airplanes, etc., are done so by using ramps with very high walls to move the horses about. This way the equines never actually set foot on the ground, so people will never see loose horses running around the airport. The ramps provide a safety precautionary measure and also keep the horses from seeing foreign things that might frighten them.

Pilots of the famous Air Horse One airplanes make extra wide turns and use their skills to ascend and descend smoothly so not to startle that already anxious animals or to knock them off their feet or contribute to losing their footing. Horse aboard planes often times take precedence over general flights, including those full of humans. If an airport has delays and cannot let the airplane land just yet, it will allow Air Horse One or similar flights to land first.


The Mystery Cruise Everyone is Talking About

Facts have been released about a “Mystery Cruise” that has set the world abuzz. For those travelers who love mystery and the unknown, this cruise is for you. Unlike other cruises, this journey aboard a vessel for a 16- night trip, including stops at some five star hotels and stop overs. Where, you might ask? Well, no one knows really, only the staff. The destinations are kept a secret, but some mystery riddles have been released to help people try to identify where the ship is traveling to.

The trip is the first of its kind and the first voyage starts on March 18, 2017. The cost for these five star stopovers and surprised comes in at 15,000 per person. The cruise is run by the Bolsover Cruise Club, who’s goal for this type of travel was to bring back the excitement of exploration and travel but with excellent accommodations and experiences along the way. Travelers are expected to board with no knowledge of their connecting flights, stop-over ports, or destinations. Ten riddles are available and are the only source of information about the upcoming arrival points and destinations.

A few staff member of the popular Travel & Leisure magazine has tried their best guesses at the riddles and do believe that some of the stopping pints may be in areas such as the South Pacific and Oceania and Tahiti, Singapore, or Malaysia. Many interested travelers are eagerly awaiting the voyage of the March 18, 2017 cruise to see where the mystery destinations lie.

Delta Airlines Reveals New Uniforms

Delta’s frontline staff are getting a fresh new makeover courtesy of the new uniforms that are about to be seen. Delta Airlines sought the help of famed designer Zac Posen, who has created looks for Michelle Obama, Rihanna, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Zac calls the entire experience “humbling,” and is pleased and honored to work with one of the top airlines in the world.

The uniforms will go to all frontline staff, not including the pilots. The flight attendants and customer service agents will be the most visible and noticeable to passengers. Colors include a “passport plum, cruising cardinal, and groundspeed graphite,” complete with a contemporary flare to create a polished and updated look. The last time the airline completed an overhaul of its uniforms for staff was back in 2006.

The next phase of the new uniform creation is to test run them on s specified number of employees. Employees can then report back to management on the status of wear and tear of the new uniforms, comfortability, ease of movement, and other factors that attribute towards moving about an aircraft or working with customers. If all goes well, the uniforms may be seen throughout the Delta Airline industry as soon as 2018.

Deltas new uniforms come a month after American Airlines have released their new uniforms to their frontline workers as well. This was the first uniform overhaul of American Airline’s uniforms since the 1980s, and the look has been well received and complimented. Watch for the new updated and stylish Delta uniforms coming soon in an airport near you.