Pieces of History Turned Into Hotels

Every year travelers want more unique experiences on their vacations. Typical chain hotels are losing out to places with more character and that are unique to the destination. A lot of designers are rehabilitating old factories, warehouses and even breweries into hotels that make guests stare in awe. Here are some of the best around the United States.

  1. 21c Museum Hotel. The 21c Museum Hotel is located in Oklahoma City and you would never know it was a Ford assembly factory. The completely rehabilitated Ford Motor Company factory now is both a hotel and a museum. There are many art exhibits that are rotated through the former factory.
  2. Hotel Emma, San Antonio. In 1894, the current Hotel Emma was home to a brewery right on the side of the Northern part of the San Antonio River. The hotel has over 145 rooms and it just opened up last November so everything is completely new. Hotel Emma beautifully incorporates the history of the brewery and the new modern feel of the hotel and restaurant/bar.
  3. The Beekman. The Beekman is a Thompson Hotel and is located in Manhattan, New York. The Beekman was formerly a Temple Court Building and has been rehabbed by designers. The building was built in 1881 and the feel of the beautiful architecture is kept much the same. It’s a beautiful, over 200-room hotel and doesn’t open until later this month.
  4. Ace Hotel. A one-hundred-year-old YMCA building was eventually turned into the Ace Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The hotel has the original lighting, doors and the amazing 20th century details built into the architecture.

Where to Go if You Want Some of the Best Street Food in the States

Street food isn’t just hot dogs on a cart in New York City. Some of the best food you will ever eat can be from a street cart. While most people tend to think street food can be unsanitary but there are some street carts or food trucks have even received a couple of Michelin stars. Here is some of the best street food in the United States that you have to try.

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana. It’s often been said that some of Louisiana’s gas stations serve tastier food than some of the actual restaurants in the rest of the United States. Plate Lunches are popular in the Southern state at convenience stores or even gas stations. Most plate lunches will incorporate comfort food like red beans, rice, Andouille sausage and some of the best, buttered slice of bread.
  2. Portland, Oregon. Portland is in one of the best-situated places in the United States. Close to the ocean and green lands you can find some of the best wine and farm-to-table meals around. Locals love khao man gai at Nong’s. You can get pached chicken, jasmine rice, special sauce and clear soup for only $8.75.
  3. Miami, Florida. Miami is known for its vast amounts of Cuban and Spanish foods. You’ll have to pick up the traditional Cubano sandwich filled with ham, pork, swiss cheese, pickles and mustard, sandwiched between two pieces of bread that is eventually grilled. Nothing will make your mouth water more!

Why Having a Baby Doesn’t Mean That You Should Stop Traveling

After having children, a lot of people just assume that traveling is completely out of the question. Driving with children can be exhausting, tiresome and not to mention difficult. However, there’s hardly anything people dislike on a plane more than a crying baby. Traveling is good for you. You get different experiences and you get to make a lot of great memories, and you should continue to travel after having a baby. Here are some reasons why you should still travel.

  1. You’ll have to pay next to nothing for babies while traveling. First of all, if you decide to fly on a plane, you will only have to pay a small fee if you don’t buy your baby their own seat. However, most people don’t want to sit next to babies, so even if you don’t buy a seat for him or her, you still might get one! Also, no attractions charge for babies to enter.
  2. Babies are easier to travel with than you think. If you get one of those holders that attaches to your front or your back, you’ll be virtually hands-free (aside from a diaper bag). Ergonomic carriers are easy to use, and you’ll get a little extra exercise from carrying the extra pounds!
  3. Babies can literally sleep anywhere. After their bedtime, most of the time babies (who are old enough) sleep pretty soundly. Request a table in a back corner and eat your heart out with a fancy, exotic meal in a new place – even with a baby!

New Type of Travel – Pokémon Go Destinations

It’s no secret that Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm. Everyone is heading out on the town to catch Pokémon in their neighborhoods and family dogs are getting more walks than ever before. If you want to catch Pokémon that aren’t “native” to your area, book yourself a vacation.

Tourist destinations, shops, hotels and more are taking advantage of the craze and are putting Poke Stops out in front of their stores in hopes to catch some Pokémon hunters. Museums, local landmarks, airports, theme parks, art galleries and hotels are all using the same tactic to hopefully entice people to come over to their spot. After the Poke Stops are set up, anyone can set a “lure” (it makes the Pokémon come to the Poke Stop) and in turn makes even more users come over to the spot.

If these places are really crafty, they’ll drop lures at their Poke Stops themselves, put out a tweet or post on Social Media to let other users and followers know of the Pokémon they’re encountering.

Geckos Adventures is taking Pokémon Go to a whole new level. Geckos Adventures is a travel brand who has now honed in on 20-30 years old by making a getaway package for players called Pokémon: Let’s Go Trip. Travelers who sign up go on a six-week trip all around the world to catch Pokémon. If you want super rare Pokémon, you’ll be happy to know you’ll even hit up Egypt’s pyramids. Each guest on the trip gets a $50 iTunes gift card to buy Pokecoins to help catch their Pokémon.

Places to Go In Brazil if You’re Getting Travel Fever Watching the Olympics

The Olympics has nearly everyone in the world watching what’s going on in Brazil. While it will be hard to travel around Rio for the next month or so, there are plenty of beautiful places to travel if you don’t want to be bothered by all of the crowds surrounding the bars and stadiums.

  1. Mount Roraima. Mount Roraima is on the border of Brazil, Guyana, and Venezuela. The beautiful rocks, rivers and waterfalls are among some of the best in the world and have inspired many. It even served as inspiration in the Disney Pixar film “Up”. If you’re interested in hikes, it takes seven to ten days to hike up the mountain, but only two days to hike back down.
  2. Iguazu Falls. The Iguazu Falls, instead of just being one waterfall, is actually made up of 270 small, yet beautiful, waterfalls. Most of these waterfalls are on the Argentine side of the border. Brazil has tourist walkways to walk around the Brazil Iguazu National Park.
  3. Pelourinho. If history is what you’re looking for, Pelourinho is the historic center of Salvador in Bahia. The brightly colored streets make for beautiful pictures and a relaxing feel. The city is a bright blend of European, African and other cultures.
  4. Tangua Park. Tangua Park is actually a rehabilitated rubble recycling center. It was a site for industrial waste to be dropped. However, over the course of the last ten years, it has been rehabilitated into a beautiful park with a hogging track, bike path, and even a waterfall.

Delta Offers Compensation for Stranded Passengers

Many passengers of Delta are stranded due to their computer failure worldwide. They’re offering passengers $200 in compensation. However, experts in travel say they should not take the compensation because they are entitled to over $600 for their troubles.

Delta cancelled 250 flights on Tuesday August 9th. This is in addition to the 1,000 they already cancelled on Monday the 8th. The $200 compensation voucher was available to any passenger who was delayed more than 3 hours. The European Union has strict regulations and anyone who got delayed from Europe to America from any of the airports Delta flies out of is owed 600 euros or $670 for each passenger.

Thousands of people were stranded on Monday who were trying to leave London, Paris, Dublin, Madrid, and Amsterdam to go to the United States. European regulation, EC261, says that passengers should be able to claim 300 euros or $335 if their travel time was delayed by three or four hours. If it was longer than four hours, or their flight was cancelled, you can get twice that amount. You are also able to submit receipts for hotels and meals you had to pay for if the airline did not.

Passengers based out of the United States are not likely to get a better compensation. United States federal rules say that airlines have to limit the amount of time they can keep passengers on the tarmac, however, there are no payouts or refunds unless the flight was overbooked.

Tips for Visiting the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Spreading across 816 square miles through North Carolina and Tennessee, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the number one visited national park in the United States. Almost 11 million people visited the Park in 2015. The Appalachian Trail, which goes from Maine to Georgia runs right through the park. Here’s how to make the most out of your visit no matter what time of the year you visit.

  1. Tour The Cades Cove. One-way loop road circles over 11 miles in Cades Cove. It’s a huge destination in the park and the 11 miles will be made worth it when you see the wonderful views. You can drive the loop in one go, it can take two to four hours to do if it’s peak season, or you can stop and enjoy the views or even hike a few trails. Pedestrians and people on bicycles are allowed 24 hours a day, however, motor vehicles are only allowed from sunrise to sunset.
  2. Get a history lesson. You can get great Appalachian history within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Elkmont Historic District is the place to go. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994 and is a great place to tour and learn more about the mountain history.
  3. Hike to a secluded lodge for the night. If you’re feeling adventurous, hike 6, 360 feet to the LeConte Lodge. The rustic lodge can only be seen, accessed and known about if you walk to it. The lodge is quickly booked once it opens in October, so make sure you make reservations.

The Best Drives Around the World

Going on road trips to explore a bunch of new places is one of the most exciting things you can do. You’ve got your friends, your family, a bunch of snacks and probably a great playlist. When you’re on a road trip, you can stop whenever you want, eat at new and exciting places, stop at unique places and make a lot of memories. But where should you drive to?

  1. Red Centre Way, Australia. Australia is very big. However, Red Centre is the best place to go for your first trip. When you picture Australia, chances are you picture a red, baron stretch of desert that is exactly what Red Centre looks like. The best way to experience this is to drive through it and stop at the cities you’ll find along the way like Alice Springs.
  2. Road to Hana, Maui, Hawaii. When you picture Hawaii you probably picture the beautiful, clear beaches. The astonishing beaches are definitely to die for, but the Road to Hana is one of the best-hidden features of Hawaii. You will start in Kahului and take two whole hours to get to Hana, only 52 miles away. While it does take two hours to travel down, that doesn’t include any stops you make, which you will definitely want to do. You’ll cross 59 bridges and go around over 600 curves!
  3. Ring Road, Iceland. Once you see it, it won’t be surprising to you that Iceland is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit. Many, many movies and TV shows film there because of the small country vibe and the beautiful snow. The Ring Road goes around the island and you’ll be able to see some of the best spots around the country.

Is Smart Luggage The New Thing?

There’s a new thing coming to bother the technological world as well as the travel industry. There is an innovation coming to luggage that you might want to jump on. Bags can now weigh themselves, track themselves and you can even lock them from your phone. If that wasn’t enough to sell you on it, you can even charge your phone and it is actually a Wi-Fi hotspot as well.

However, some travel and technology experts aren’t positive that the world is ready for such smart luggage. A CEO of a similar luggage brand has said that he’s not sure that the technology that is now incorporated is a smart and safe use of technology in the marketplace today. However, he does plan to change this and add a new, safer model of smart luggage to the market by this time next year.

When looking for luggage, many people want light luggage that is easy to transport. When people are looking for smart luggage, that’s a difficult feat. The reason why people want lighter luggage is so that you can pack more in your bag before you reach the weight limit when you’re checking bags.

Currently the lightest bag around is four and a half pounds. However, companies are working on a bag that is even lighter – only three pounds. There are some things you might not really consider when thinking about your luggage, and one of those is probably the wheels. The wheels have to be extremely strong. Think about it. When you drop your bag, where does it land?

Vacations that Aren’t Going to Cost You an Arm and a Leg

When you hear “last minute vacation” you probably picture spending a ton of money right? You can be right on the beach, with a drink in your hand and divulging in a hot summer read in no time. The good news is that you won’t break your bank doing so!

  1. New Orleans, Louisiana. New Orleans is popular for many reasons, the rich culture and amazing food being at the top of the list. The culture is so rich that you may forget that you’re in America, and you probably won’t want to leave. Try some Creole and other Southern soul food and you won’t be disappointed. You can shop in the many shops and you’ll hear the cool sidewalk jazz players. The time to go is obviously Mardi Gras but you won’t regret going any time of the year.
  2. Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you love the outdoors, you won’t be disappointed in the many outdoor activities and festivals. Santa Fe stays relatively hot year-round so this would make a great winter getaway to escape the snow. New Mexico is rich in culture just like New Orleans. Make your way around town and explore the beautiful art museums and the southwestern architecture.
  3. Austin, Texas. Austin is laid back and an extremely fun place to visit. Known for its welcoming nature, you won’t want to leave the hip art and music scene to go back home. You’ll have to try their awesome BBQ that natives will argue is the very best in the U.S.